Tegestology - the collecting of beer mats:

Did you know...

...that Tegestology is the term for the collecting of beer mats or coasters?

Can you spot the differences between those three mats?


As a tegestologist you need to spot the slight differences on different mats.


Funny coincidence: The Frankenheim brewery choses the slogan "Der feine Unterschied" (The slight difference)...

The Guiness World Record for the largest beer mat collection is held by the Austrian Leo Pisker with incredible number of 152.860 different beer mats from 192 countries!


The first beer mats as we know them were produced in the late 19th century in Germany. From 1880 card mats were produced by the company of Friedrich Horn and in 1892 Robert Sputh applied for a patent in Dresden concerning coasters made of paper pulp.

Showcase with beer mats at the European Beer Museum in Stenay/France.

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